The mind works by ear. You learn to speak before you learn to read. In a way, it’s a shame that print came first and radio came second. Radio is really the primal medium and print the higher level abstraction.
-- Jack Trout and Al Ries



Smart advertisers are those who set out to win the customer’s heart long before he/she needs their product. Their only goal is to be the company that he/she thinks of first and feels the best about whenever their need arises. Smart advertisers make no attempt to predict the moment of the customer’s need but buy enough repetition to ensure they will immediately spring to mind whenever such a need arises.

-- Roy H. Williams, The Wizard of Ads






Digital often gets credit for the sale because it is the last step before the visit or the phone call.

But it is Radio, with its special ability to forge an emotional connection, that makes customers like you enough to want to Google your name or click on your ad.

Digital is where they go to learn more, after they have been inspired and romanced by Radio.

- Terry O’Reilly