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Creates store traffic

Attracts new customers

Encourages repeat business

Generates continuous business

Keeps you in the competitive race

Keeps your business top-of-mind with shoppers

Gives your business a successful image

Maintains morale


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Effective Radio Advertising - How Does It Work?


Each of us is different in our own particular lifestyle, our listening patterns and our buying habits.  But it has been proven that the combined subliminal and psychological effects that radio advertising has on the average listener are staggering.


RADIO ADVERTISING WORKS VERY WELL and over a longer period of time, it probably works better than any other medium.  Once radio implants and imprints an image in the listener's mind, it is difficult to change it or erase it.  Therefore, it is very important to make the first image the best you possibly can... then keep the quality consistent from that point on.



Three Reasons Why Never To Come Off Radio


People Move - about 20% every year!

People Forget

People Take A Long Time to Decide Where to Buy