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Radio continues to dominate the audio landscape....

Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, Smartphones, Podcasts, Spotify, Apple Music, and the list goes on; today, there are many ways and places to listen to audio.  We now live in a world where we can listen to what we want, when we want, and where we want.  This changing landscape has advertisers asking tough questions about how and where to reach audiences with their branded message.  But just how much has the audio landscape really changed?


Advertisers who utilize AM/FM radio in their communication strategy engage with loyal audiences and participate in a medium with secure content.  Despite more streaming availability, Canadians still choose AM/FM radio as the audio they listen to most.



According to recent numbers released by Edison Research, the listening landscape has not changed dramatically.  People continue to enjoy and trust AM/FM radio above all other mediums.  Traditional radio continues to be a tangible and engaging medium that listeners consume in their cars, homes, and workplaces; very much in the same way they always have.  If anything has changed, the new devices and enhanced connectivity of today's technology are making it easier for listeners to connect to their favourite radio stations.

radio vs spotify


Advertisers who wish to connect with a local audience will continue to reap the benefits of reaching radio's loyal and engaged listeners.  As radio broadens its touch-points into all of the new digital platforms and audio spaces, from social media to voice controlled smart home devices like Alexa and Google Home, advertisers will continue to reach groomed audiences; wherever they happen to be tuned-in to their favourite radio stations.

Durham Radio Inc. continues to push development into the digital spaces that become available.  We have recently built and released new skills for Amazon's Alexa, for each of our radio stations, and are awaiting the release of our station's actions for Google Home devices.  Mobile apps, online streaming, HD radio signals, podcasts, and accessibility on social networks; we're working hard to be where our audience wants to listen.

If you're ready to see what happens when we connect you with our audiences, or if you haven't included radio in your marketing and advertising recently, reach out and contact us.  We're everywhere!


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