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CUSTOMER BONDING - Not Just Another Radio Commercial

When planning an advertising campaign with radio it's important to understand where you are as a business and what your campaign needs to accomplish for you.  Whether you're a well established business or still working to become well established there are different types of ads that can be developed to meet your needs.

Here's how CUSTOMER BONDING ads differ from DIRECT RESPONSE ads:

The purpose of customer bonding is to become the provider that people think of immediately and feel the best about when they – or any of their friends – need what you sell. You have to begin reaching them before they need you, and then wait until they do.

If you allow for a series of messages that will bond the customer to you, you’re on your way to filling the community with corporate ambassadors who will immediately think of you and feel good about you when they, or any of their friends, need what you sell.

1. You don’t need to mention dollar amounts or prices.
2. You don’t have to create urgency.
3. But you do have to make people like you.

Long-term customer bonding is the way big brands, and big companies, are built.

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