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For more information on radio advertising, you may download our media kit, contact us or call us by phone at 905.571.0949

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Here’s what some KX96 Advertisers are saying...



We’ve been advertising on KX, fourteen, fifteen years easy. On a regular basis, we hear that we’re here because we heard you on the radio. Unlike a lot of advertisers, we continue to advertise all year long because we know the importance of keeping my name and our business as a constant reminder. When something does come up, we’re there, you’ve heard us, we’re there on a constant basis, we see the clients walk through the door.

--- Joe Sanders, Jewellery By Sanders





I’m amazed at how many people come up to me during the week that have heard my commercial on the radio. It’s incredible. I was a bit of a skeptic when I started or considered radio advertising. I’m not anymore!

--- Dan Plowman, The Dan Plowman Team





People are constantly coming in to our place of business and saying, I heard you on the radio, I heard you on the radio. We get them from all over Durham. I consider radio to be a very important part of our marketing, advertising strategy.

--- Ron Hooper, Hooper’s Jewellers






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